Software development life cycle:

Software development life cycle:

Software development life cycle involves a series of steps in the software designing process. To design a software product efficiently, the software development life cycle has to be followed. SLC includes many steps to be followed while designing and developing a complete product.


This is the foremost process in the software development life cycle. This is where the request for the product is being made. This request is usually submitted in a written format to the service providers. The terms and conditions are being discussed and all negotiations are made so as to complete all communication gaps.

Requirement Gathering

The communication involves the requirement gathering. Project will be carried forward based on the requirements made by the clients. All the team members have meetings and discussions over the gathering of the information. Only based on the demand, the project can be initiated. These requirements has to be studied carefully and understood clearly as the deliverables will be based on these requirements only.


After collecting the important information from the client, the data is analysed several times and the software development work starts. A rough software plan is suggested. Later it is worked out of the software will be remaining or will it be of any use somewhere. Will that software be useful at its fullest or what if the software is no more useful? Such queries are being addressed in the feasibility section. Whether if the business able to satisfy all the aspects of the project. Financial stability should be considered. Whether the project is technologically feasible and is it practicable to carry over the project with all these specifications in hand. Many developers easily calculate the feasibility of the project. Also there are many algorithms available to develop the feasibility of the project.

System Analysis:

Here the plan is again discussed in detail and a roadmap is being laid down. The roadmap is then matched up for the suitable software. The software development life cycle for the project is analysed properly and the limitations are discussed beforehand. System related issues are learnt and changes that has to be done are also made a note of. The project errors should be identified and the issues are to be addressed properly. The resources required to execute the project are released and the time slots are scheduled for each and every development cycle.

Software Design:

Designing is the most important step in developing a project. All the information that is gathered is being applied to the design process. All the inputs from the client that were collected during requirement gathering are exerted here.


Coding is one of the most important step in the software development life cycle. Programming language should be chosen here so that the programmers who write the code will write up for a suitable programming language. These codes should be executed error free.


If the SDLC process is successfully laid out, testing will determine it. Almost 50% of the project has to be executed compulsorily in order to nullify the errors. While writing the code, the software developers simultaneously test and run the project. Averting each and every bug after testing by qualified or test engineers, the SDLC is then set to be implemented.