Corporate Secretarial Solutions

Our Corporate secretarial software is designed to make your life easy! It relieves the workload of a Company Professional and saves your time and money. Setting up the trust in corporate services is inevitable. A provider must deliver their services on a promise every time and they have to ensure their client’s interests are best served. This creates a challenge for firms operating in this field. They have to deliver on time without compromising quality and reliability. By using our Singapore company secretarial software, quality and reliability become utmost priority to our working practices.

Our IFST System creates the necessary infrastructure to registration and seamless administration of legal entity within a controlled, automated environment. It ensures that deliverables for our clients are handled accurately, reliably and quickly. It truly makes your office paper-less. You can also manage your E Forms and Documents a lot more effectively.

When you use our Company secretarial software in Singapore, you can manage an unlimited number of companies.There is no need to set reminders for AGM, tax return and email, etc because you can get reminder alerts for these things which may kill your valuable time. This software is not just acts as a virtual assistant of a Secretarial software solution, but it’s capable of producing documentation for aspects of your business.

Key Highlights

  • Access from anywhere at any time.
    Access not limited to single computer or location.
  • Easy access on the move and during client’s meeting.
    Manage thousands of companies.
  • No need for software installation and no need for updates to manage.
    Seamless integration via secure interface.
  • Highlights key deadlines on a company’s consolidated dashboard.
    Email reminders on meeting deadlines.
Submit Annual Returns
• Compiled and submitted online automatically.
• Update records at each stage easily through Annual return wizard.
• Reminders at different intervals of reaching deadlines.
Update Shareholder Records
• Make changes in 1 place.
• Automatic update of company registers during issue of new shares and share transfers.
• Store information sent to government bodies in database.
• Maintain details of both current and former shareholders and their history of share transactions.
• Store share certificates and important documents in database.
Control Officers Records
• Automatic import of existing company officer’s detail through bizfile.
• Appoint /Change/Terminate, in 1 place.
• Automatic form filling option.
Update Statutory Registers
• Quick online company formation.
• Automatic check for availability of new names for company.
• Provision for useful guides and checklists.
• Straightforward and streamlined process available with comprehensive help.
• Online company formation documents including bizfile, Memorandum of Association and related articles are available.
Company Incorporation
• Search for any user using search bar.
• Profile view of all users based on roles.
• View/Edit user passwords and their privileges.
• Set user privileges based on their roles.
• Allow organization to set standards for divergentt roles based on their responsibility.
Manage Company Details
• Keep up-to-date company details.
• Intuitive filing of appropriate forms.
• Auto filling of relevant forms and simple processing.