Project Management System

Key Highlights

  • Set milestones, create pipelines and tasks for projects.
    Include any file associated with the Project.
  • Set Automatic reminders for emails.
    Track all email correspondence.
  • View the completed tasks and events by project.
    View tasks and events report.
  • Assign specific roles to contacts.
Common Issues
• Unless the project management software is installed on their computer, user cannot easily access a project plan.
• Almost all project management program is not user friendly or easy to use.
• Inability to effective tracking of project status.
• User have not access to all documents, messages, emails, or other forms of communication related to a project easily.

With the integrated project management feature of our Infosun PMS’s, you can track a project's progress, add documents, and manage tasks involved in a centralized project management tool.

• The cloud-based project management tool we use, helps user in accessing project plan and tasks at anytime from anywhere.
• Our integrated tool, not only helps you to keep track of project-related costs, but also to submit expense reports for approval and journalize them in accounting books instantly.
• With our integrated collaborative tools, team members can communicate with each other.
Manage Project Deliverables
● Set milestones, sub milestones, tasks and subtasks.
● Provision to add dependencies to tasks.
● Provision to keep track of due dates which are planned already, actual completion dates, and progress rates.
● Provision to allocate time to each task.
● Provision to attach files, leave comments and replies to projects and tasks.
● View Project management screens as a Task List.
Integrates with our Collaborative Tools & CRM System
● Our project management feature not only integrates with our collaborative tools, but also with our Infosun CRM system.
● Users can add milestones and other deliverables to the work boards through linking, so that communication, tasks and activities can be managed.
● Users can add milestones, tasks and subtasks to specific posts by establishing links, so that a greater extent of communication among team members can be achieved.
● Users can record project expenses and they can journalize them easily.