Singapore POS System

The Point of Sales System Software helps to run your retail business in an easier way. Nowadays, the use of cash register was replaced by Online POS system in Singapore which comes as a ready-to-use software with the self-service format. These point of sales system can be applied to all retail businesses like supermarket, hypermart, provisional stores, department stores and etc. The main advantage of using this POS Software is that, it can be installed both in offline and online mode and it can be accessed from any device from anywhere.

We are the leading provider of POS Singapore and has been partnering with divergent clients in delivering innovative and leading edge technology solutions. We have been constantly improving business efficiency of the clients by our solutions that are customized to suit their business models and business needs respectively.

Basically, a Point of sale (POS) system is a modified Cash Register. The basics of it consists of a computer, an input device such as a keyboard or a scanner, a cash drawer, a receipt printer, and a monitor. The idea of switching from a traditional cash register usage to a computerized POS system leads you do a bit tough task. However, the Return of Investment (ROI) can really make it value, the time and the effort you have put in.

Point of sale (POS) system can add incredible values to your retail business that can help you to improve your Business. It tracks the inventory, makes precise pricing, and generates report in a matter of seconds’. A good POS system will give you the pleasure of controlling your operations, increasing efficiency levels, boosting profits, and helping you in fine-tuning of your business model and growth.

It saves money, provides productivity gain, increases efficiency levels and accuracy in a database, and can concentrate on the primary focus of your business besides spending time unnecessarily. It can be used for following retail sectors:

Key Highlights

  • Super Market
  • Food Restaurants
    Bakery Shops
  • Bike & Car Wash
    Gym & Fitness
Infosuntech provides you the cloud based POS that are fast and reliable.We also offer Retail POS and Restaurant POS system.
  • Multiple Outlets
    Flawless managing of all types of stores with the help of stockist and it can be hosted on any server and can create multiple branches.
  • Manage Products
    Easy to add/remove products and its description and category. You can add product variant based on product data.
  • Inventory Management
    We help you to maintain inventory across different branches and you can manage stock with the product variation.
  • Order Management
    Helps to aware of the availability of the stocks. You can view the stock leakage, low level point of stock, and variation for each of it.
  • Simple Account Management
    Made accounting tasks very easy and you can manage your outstanding amount and books.
  • Inventory Tracking
    With our Inventory tracking, you can easily track all your items.
  • Barcode
    Each transaction is protected with barcode. When you add a new item, it generates the barcode automatically.
  • User Management
    You can assign access to users based on your preferences. Different roles of users like admin, operator etc. can be managed easily.
  • Multi-Language
    We support multiple language all over the world in order to provide comfort to our customers.
  • Multi-Currency
    We support multiple currencies across the world. It’s already working in different countries.
  • Bulk Email & SMS
    You can stay in touch with your customers by sending them your business advertisements through SMS and E-mail in bulk.
  • Report Generation
    You can view reports of live data to evaluate the performance of store and products. You can export that data in excel format too.