Inventory Management System

The Inventory Management system is an application software that provides information for effective management of the flow of materials, utilization of people and equipment, sorting of internal activities and communication with customers. This warehouse management system does not help in making decision or managing operations rather it just provide the information to managers and help them in making more accurate and timely decisions for their operations.

Our Inventory Management System in Singapore, helps you to eliminate your loads of manual work and errors that could be costly for your business. It relieves your growing pains and lightens up your operational load by automating and streamlining processes. This Inventory management with mission critical features, will make yourself breeze throughout your management of sales channel, stock handling, and order fulfillment and many more in no time.

Make operations the best part of your day with our Inventory Management Software in Singapore.

Key Highlights

  • Barcode Tracking
    The fixed assets and inventory of the business can be scanned and tracked using barcode generator with greater accuracy and efficiency.
  • Inventory Management
    User can manage any number of location, warehouse, distribution center, store and etc. They can view up-to-date inventory levels, manage inventory adjustments and can add new locations with a single button click.
  • After-Sales Management
    Our after-sales management software helps your business in managing warranties ,upgrades and repairs easily.
  • Serial Number Management
    We allocate serial numbers to raw materials, BOMs and finished goods to differentiate them. Users can either create exclusive serial numbers for specific products or generate numbers automatically.
  • Inventory Reporting
    Users can customize their sales and inventory templates for meeting their unique needs. With our Infosun IMS, managers can generate up-to-date reports while making informed decisions.
  • Customer Online Ordering Portal
    We have a separate program namely customers online ordering portal that allows both customers and vendors to exchange emails, place order, view order status, submit invoice and view inventory level.
  • Inventory Adjustment
    You can make adjustment easily to the physical inventory in which the module is integrated with costing module. This paves the way for greater insight into profit analysis.
  • Customer Activity & Insights
    The feature we provide all-in-one help users to pull up all data for a specific customer or vendor. This feature includes customer contact information , sales, purchase, accounts payable, accounts receivable,etc.
Barcode Module
Many companies find more time-consuming to keep track inventory, but, we offer an inventory management solution for both small and mid-size companies. With our Infosun IMS barcode software, users can track inventory and can do physical inventory adjustments of greater precision at lesser time. The stores can speed up their sales process with the help of barcode scanning of goods and they can easily track inventory after each sale.

• Reduce time required for tracking inventory movements and physical inventory.
• Quick update of actual inventory quantities with less time using integrated inventory software.
• Process of sales in less time.
• Print barcodes from your printer.

Inventory Controls Module
Many businesses struggle for maintaining inventory that meets the demands of customer despite reducing costs and waste but our Infosun IMS inventory control module covers both small and mid-size businesses for effective inventory management besides eliminating common problems.

Common Issues
• Difficulty in exact inventory quantity calculation in managing manufacturing processes, sales at multiple location.
• Inability of warehouse to check inventory quantity in order to reduce expenses on inventory maintenance.
• Difficulty in facilitating sales and calculating in an inventory quantity which is a must for new production and sales
• Difficulty in recording inventory movement between locations because inventory is lost or omitted owing to time differences, loss, human error, etc.
• Difficulty in managing different types of inventory within the same location. Issues arise when persons-in-charge differs.

With Infosun IMS, you can manage inventory by classification done at the warehouse, location or process. You can feed details relevant to inventory movement whenever and wherever possible. Cloud software enables you to view inventory disperse accurately at a store, branch, or an external warehouse in real time.

• Accurate management of multiple warehouse inventories.
• Cloud-based Infosun IMS allows a real time view of inventory quantities and its movement to remote locations.
• Inventory reports search by sales, purchase, or manufacture with a specific location.
• The automatic reflection of inventory movement between locations, through which the risk of error due to omission or loss of items is controlled.
• Set persons-in-charge (PIC) for managing specific warehouse that helps in easy data entry and strong data security.

After-Sales Management Module
Departments of repair and after-sales management is an often overlooked, since it does not have a main focus of many businesses. However, if it is managed effectively, it can lead to a higher rate of repeated customers, increased sales, and better product planning. At Infosun IMS, we have a After-Sales and repair management system that helps businesses to effectively manage after-sales for happier customers and lower costs.

Common Issues
• High degree of customer inconvenience and customer dissatisfaction.
• Low loyal customer than desired and low rate of return customers
• Higher cost associated with returns, warranties, repairs, etc.
• Unknown or higher after-sales costs, decreasing the profit margin.
• Lack in after-sales analysis. Businesses do not analyze the frequency of all requests, customer feedbacks, or customer needs.

Infosun IMS helps to alleviate these issues, by handling the receipts of after-sales service request and repair. We can efficiently respond to customer request, manage sales, and track repair cost related to paid repairs by systematically analyzing the customer history and types of after-sales service and request through our reporting system.

• Receive and maintain after-sales service requests, for merchandise and goods sold and repairs are made based on its workflow.
• Set after-sales service process and apply it to individual tasks of your company.
• Manage detailed history of customer and product returns with good speed.
• Whether it is complimentary or paid, we do process, return or repair service requests, faster than before. Users can manage repair details and calculate costs with ease.
• Integrated serial number management feature.
• Analyze data or create reports without the need of Excel. Report types are customizable as per your needs.

Serial Number Module
Managing a serial number module is of great importance to any manufacturer or distributor. Without having strong system, businesses cannot effectively manage its production, distribution, and after-sales services. Infosun IMS comes with a serial number management feature, to help small and midsize companies in managing their serial numbers for increased traceability and competence.

Common Issues
• Difficulty in assigning serial numbers to raw materials, finished goods, and final products.
• Experience trouble in differentiating, among goods of different usage.
• Difficulty in managing serial number assignments from production to product quality tracking.
• Difficulty with follow up of after-sales services, defective product tracking, and defective materials identification.
• Lack in system, to create, assign, and follow serial numbers from raw materials to after-sales services.

With Infosun IMS, users can assign items a unique serial number, manage it separately, and it can be applied in purchase, sales, production, and after-sales services.

• Assigning items a unique serial numbers to make it easy for managing and tracking item history.
• Generate serial numbers in lesser time through programs, batches, excel sheets or notepads.
• Easy search of inventory movement throughout sales, purchases, returns, manufacturing or after-sales services by serial number.
• Integrated system reduces data entries associated with inventory movement.
• Facility to search inventory books and track inventory movements solely with the help of serial numbers.
• Analyze inventory movements and sales based on serial numbers.
• Use after-sales management tool, to track defective products, bad suppliers, and processes.

Inventory Reporting Module
Inventory reporting is often a sore point for some businesses. Many complain that reports do not reflect the real-time data in a manner that it can be deciphered easily. It results in a situation, where businesses are left with thousands of dollars tied up in inventories that isn't selling and taking up the valuable space. Infosun IMS provides real-time reports that can be customized for both small and midsize businesses to take control of their inventories.

Common Issues
• Many managers feel that reports do not provide enough real-time information while making informed decisions.
• The lack of shared data between departments leads to error, re-keying, and unreliable reports.
• No method to show the history of inventories and during the data was gathered.

Infosun IMS provides a variety of inventory reports for users, to access it from anywhere, at any time. This system is fully integrated with the sales, purchase, and manufacturing departments to replicate the most current data without no need of re-keying.

• Create inventory reports that make informed decisions in lesser time.
• With software available in the cloud, users can access real-time reports anytime from anywhere.
• An integrated system, reflects the changes in sales, purchase, and manufacturing departments of the inventory ledger.
• Customize the reports to showcase the factors, which are important to your company.

Customer Online Ordering Module
Maintaining the relationship among customers and vendors can be difficult, without an ordering process. At Infosun IMS, we provide a free online ordering and receiving system to all our subscribers so that users can keep track of their invoices, cash receipts, past orders, sales orders and purchase orders with ease.

Common Issues
• Difficulty in managing customer orders, vendors, and communication.
• Orders are getting misplaced or incorrect.
• To receive and to submit purchase orders, there is no online system.
• Inventory orders are getting placed, when stock levels are too low which leads to delay in sales.
• Difficulty in sharing information with multiple business, contacts at one time.

Infosun IMS offers a free customer & a vendor portal for all our subscribers. This helps them in submitting & receiving sales orders, viewing inventory levels, and sending emails throughout the entire system.

This system is not only used by all employees, but also your customers and vendors and hence the CS portal are completely integrated with the Infosun IMS inventory, purchasing, sales, and accounting modules.

• Submit and view real-time transactions with customers.
• Completely free for our Infosun IMS subscribers.
• Provision for sharing of information with vendors, customers, and outsourced factories.
• Approval settings for securing important data .
• Vendors can view inventory levels at the location set itself.
• Provision for Integrating with the rest of Infosun IMS program.
• Orders and invoices reflected throughout the system reduces redundant work and error.
• Customers and vendors can view their past transactions, ledgers, send emails, and get status updates.

Inventory Adjustment Module
The majority of businesses that have been managed with inventory will have to adjust the inventory quantity at some point and hence when selecting an inventory solution, it is important that the program should be able to make physical inventory adjustments. Infosun IMS strives to make adjustments in inventories as simple as possible. With our inventory adjustment feature, users can update their physical inventory quantities by location wise and can make notes of all adjustments which are reflected immediately.

Common Issues
• The quantity in the inventory books does not match with quantity in physical inventory.
• Error occurs when inventory quantities are entered into the system.
• Unable to edit inventory levels at the warehouse.
• Inventory is often lost, damaged, or getting returned to the wrong bin.
• Many businesses find difficult to adjust physical inventory quantities with their respective programs.
• Unable to create reports that reflect current inventory after making an adjustment.

• Batch upload feature helps to update physical inventory quantities.
• Inventory adjustment is a simple process in the system.
• Instant view of new inventory quantity for everyone using the system.
• Our mobile version helps to update inventory quantities in the warehouse.
• Create reports on inventories and financial transactions easily with actual quantities.
• Gain great insight into why the inventory quantity was mistaken and create strategies to reduce the occurrence.

Customer Activity Tracking Module
The typical inventory management system often has separate screens for each task. This workflow can be a hassle to someone. In order to overcome this, Infosun IMS provide an all-in-one menu that displays all customer and vendor information in one suitable location. It is great for those who like to have consolidated entry screens, and also for new Infosun IMS users, or account managers.

Common Issues
• The learning curve gets associated with new learning inventory systems.
• The frequently used input and report menus are located in different parts of the inventory system.
• The inventory program functions spreads out across multiple menus and features.
• The working styles differ from user to user.Some like to have separate menus and others like everything in one place.

Since our all-in-one features, allow users to enter their customer voucher into accounts or inventory menus using a single screen, you can easily record, modify, or confirm all customer transactions.

• Manage customer & vendor information , and transactions in one convenient location.
• View purchases, receipts, and cash payments displayed on a single screen, without having to switch between menus.
• Access to often used menus in one menu.
• Improves workflow management and data management.