Human Resource Management System

A Human Resource Management (HRM) System is an application software, that combines the systems and processes of Human Resource Management and Information technology with the help of an HR system to carry out the HR Process and it is the most proficient way to manage your valuable assets.

This HRM Singapore not only encapsulates the vision and guiding principles of how we aim to manage people in the future, but it also provides a practical tool to assist us in realizing that vision. It’s main aim is to establish a flexible, and caring management style, so that your staff will be motivated, developed and managed in such a way that they can get and will give of their best to support departments’ missions.

This HRM Singapore not only encapsulates the vision and guiding principles of how we aim to manage people in the future, but it also provides a practical tool to assist us in realizing that vision. It’s main aim is to establish a flexible, and caring management style, so that your staff will be motivated, developed and managed in such a way that they can get and will give of their best to support departments’ missions.

Key Highlights

  • Best Control
    The entire organization can now be linked via the IFST Intelligence System, where you can place better controls to facilitate good workflow with the entry of Employee Self-Service (ESS) modules. With the help of this electronic process, further enhancement in Communication can be made.
  • Analysis of Information
    With the help of data bank, extraction of information can be achieved easily. Once the data was translated into useful information, analysis of the information is carried out. Then the analyzed information is translated into knowledge which will help to build Organizational Intelligence.
  • Hosting Model (SaaS)
    The access to sensitive HR data from internal employees can be secured with the assistance from the IFST HRMS system. Along with secured access, you can have server capability, hassle free purchase and Server Maintenance or else you can engage SaaS (Software as a Service) model hosting services to secure the confidentiality of the data.
  • Organization Intelligence
    With the implementation of our IFST HRMS system, you will get better budget utilization, better control on training process & employee performance process, etc. You can get both tangible and intangible benefits which are not limited to time and cost savings as well as increased productivity and satisfaction.
We have a powerful and user-friendly HRMS Personnel module at IFST that avails analyzing, managing, and tracking of your employee data which starts from recruitment to retirement.

Let us see, how can it help?

For administrators

Our HRMS Personnel enables you to manage your employees-your most valuable assets! This self-service facility for employees, bring down the HR departments’ data entry burden, so that your team can concentrate on Business Strategic objectives that are of high priority.

For employees

The Personnel (Self-Service) module enables employees to take hold of their own personal information and ensures that it stays up to date and complete.

This module offers a range of features and facilities which are as follows

● Employee Master and personal details are centralized.
● Quick Employee Master List view along with record summary.
● Generates Tools for online government surveys.
● Flexible Multi-language and currency conversion.
● Global Update consistency.
● Generates customized mail-merge letters.
● Notification prompts for events.
● Flexible user-defined fields.
● Shares and Exports comprehensive reports, and charting functions.
● Self-service management for employees.
● Customizes field-level security for both administrators and employees.
● Flexible workflow approval process.
● Task delegation.

At IFST, the HRMS Payroll module is a complete solution that simplifies and computerizes the tiresome task of calculating the wages of employees’.

For administrators

This module covers all the payroll functionalities that any company needs to process payroll quickly and accurately. Our HRMS Payroll enables you to define various payroll groups, along with its own rules and calculation methods.

For employees

Using IFST HRMS Payroll (Self-Service), employees can access and check their pay and income tax details easier and quicker.

The following are the range of features and facilities provided by Payroll module:

● Payroll transactions are made flexible.
● Multi-country Regional Payroll (e.g.: SG, MY, ID, PH, TH, HK, CN) support.
● Quick & accurate payroll processing.
● Definable formulas.
● Back/Retro, Bonus, and Advance Payment options.
● Payroll global modification and import.
● Facilitates online submission for provident fund, bank and personal income tax.
● Make Integration with IFST Attendance, Leave and Claim modules.
● Computed salary calculation.
● Employee self-service management.
● Email Notification for E-pay slip.
● Task delegation.

Our IFST HRMS Leave module is an effectual and user-friendly solution that streamlines the entire process of leave administration in your organization – It covers leave eligibility & entitlement, leave application & tracking, and on-leave compensation.

For administrators

To make wise decisions on workforce planning and deployment, will results in better productivity, since planned and unplanned absences could be handled more effectively! The tracking and managing of all types of leave data, will make the system to be more visible in attendance trends and patterns .These can point to and reduce the leave benefits abuse. Employee self-service facility helps to save time, as the HR team has no longer to submit leave applications or attend to staff enquiries manually.

For employees

At IFST HRMS Leave (Self-Service), employees can apply for leave and keep track of their leave details easier and quicker.
● User-definable policies.
● Compliances for Statutory policies.
● Leave blocked.
● Flexible workflow process Approval
● Email reminders.
● Calendrical view of Leave records.
● Scheduled Leave processes.
● Employee self-service management.
● Leave Application is quick or normal.
● Documents Attachment.
● Task delegation.

Our IFST HRMS Attendance module, is a comprehensive, flexible and an extensible yet user-friendly solution, which calculates all time elements, based on employees’ clocking. It uses our wide range of electronic clocks and latest biometric verification devices.

For administrators
Our solution helps in improved efficiency and error reduction during employee time tracking. Its employee self-service facility makes it ease and enhance the workflow for managing attendance and overtime hours, overtime approval and payment. The manual processes are carried out electronically and it provides audit trails to check the authorization and changes made by respective supervisors.
For employees
By IFST HRMS Time (Self-Service), the staffs and supervisors gain instant online access to rosters from anywhere at any time.

At IFST, the following are the features offered by HRMS Attendance module Daily attendance and periodic process/adjustment.

● Scheduled Process.
● Monitors Attendance Statistics.
● Sends Email Notification.
● Integrates with IFST Payroll system will maximize HR management.
● Definable ad hoc shifts and rosters.
● Multi-Pattern Work Calendar.
● Employee Self-Service Management
● Task Delegation.

The Claim module from IFST HRMS is a powerful and user-friendly solution that simplifies the expense claim administration for your organization.

For administrators

With an effective claim management process at the right place, our solution helps to reduce the processing time and to save costs. IFST claim is a comprehensive module for expenses reporting and analysis, which assists you in formulating better policies. The employee self-service facility saves time, as the HR team no longer required to enter manually or to attend staff enquiries related to expense claim record and its status.

For employees

IFST HRMS Claim (Self-Service) helps employees to submit and to keep track of expense claims. It also helps to access entitlement rules and policies easier and quicker.

The range of features and facilities provided by IFST Claim are:

● User-Definable Policies.
● Timed Expense Claim disbursements.
● Flexible and definable Form Setup.
● Flexible Workflow Process Approval.
● Email Reminders.
● Receipt Attachments.
● Employee Self-Service Management.
● Task Delegation.

The IFST HRMS Training module is a “must-have” complete training management solution. It comprises features that enable the organizations to easily organize and oversee the employees’ training and learning required to complete their job at the highest level of success. For administrators Our solution helps in the tedious administrative tasks automation, hence it helps to focus on developing the skills of your employees. It enables the quantitative measurement and demonstrate each course effectiveness of employees.

For employees HRMS Training (Self-Service) from IFST, makes employees to access the organization’s staff development goals and policies easily. It also provides employees, a more streamlined way to identify and request appropriate courses. The following are the list of IFST HRMS Training features and facilities:

● Creates Database Course.
● Analyzes Learning needs.
● Reviews Performance Management through KPIs.
● Flexible approval workflow process Approval.
● Sends Email Reminders for Course Booking.
● Reviews Pre-Course and Post-Course.
● Prepares Training Questionnaire.
● Employee Self-Service Management.
● Task Delegation.

The IFST Timesheets module simplifies and streamlines timesheet submission that helps in tracking and processing of working hours. It also helps in easy, online submission of work-related claims (e.g. Allowances & overtime), reliable capture, and access of working hours and cross-charging information (e.g. cost centers).

For administrators

● Manage claims, relevant to work patterns.
● Empower supervisors for approval at the initial stage.
● Connect to the payroll system for payment.

For employees

● Computes Payable Working Hours.
● Timesheet reports.

The IFST Timesheet features are as follows:

● Submit work-related claims.
● Cross-charging records.
● Claim availability in items for different Employee Groups.
● Payment option through Payroll System.

The IFST HRMS Appraisal module is a powerful and user-friendly web-based solution where online performance appraisals are carried on without traditional paper-based forms that time-consuming and inefficient. It is a streamlined and effective system, removing the barriers of traditional appraisals which is difficult for your employees and managers. During a performance review, employees and managers can now focus more on value addition activities (like discussions on the career plan) instead of spending time on recording and submitting paper reports.

● The features of IFST HRMS Appraisal module are:
● Do-it-yourself forms.
● Flexible rating computations.
● Integration with other Employee data (e.g. leave balance).
● Default goals.
● HR-triggered Email Reminders.
● Flexible Data Generation.
● Defines and creates Appraisal Workflow.
● Employee Self-Service Management.
● Track Employee’s Appraisal in real-time.
● Task Delegation.

The IFST Manpower module is a user-friendly, web-based solution for managing an organization’s manpower requisition process and supports easier resource planning and budgeting. It streamlines the manpower requests and makes it consistent, complete and transparent. It also helps the organization in planning and budgeting the manpower requirements, that provides instant, and accurate online status summaries and projected costs of headcount and hiring.

The features and facility provided by IFST Manpower modules are
1. Create manpower requisition forms in multiples within the application:
● Flexible form setup.
● Fields/lists with provision for user-definable words.
● Drop-down lists drawn from organizational structural master tables, avoiding duplicated setup effort.
● Faster, and accurate completion using data pickers.
● Flexible text entry fields for more detailed/nonstandard remarks.
● Screen summary gives an overview of all requisitions and their status.
2. Gather data for planning and budgeting:
● Flexible manpower and cost estimates setup.
● Create built in formulae, to simplify computation.
● Provision to create a model manpower that costs over 1, 2 or 3 years.
● Build clear segregation between the headcount and the FTE figures during setup.
● A Feature that gives the option to view figures by Headcount or FTE.
● Forecasts the required manpower up to 12 months within the requisition period.
3. Route manpower requisitions for workflow approval:
● Audit log trail, capture the names who raised and last updated the requisition and the dates of each action.
● Dedicated “Approver” form that locks all except the headcount/FTE section.
● Dedicated “Approver” screen summary that has requisitions awaiting action.
● Approval history logs within the application.
4. Date-driven manpower structure summary within the organization:
● Compare current/established/vacant headcount.
● Differentiate between planned and unplanned headcount.
● View pending requisitions summary for clear planning.

The IFST Talent Management module is a portal that acts as a tool to support the development and utilization of your staff’s skills and experience. It helps to identify crucial roles within the organization and manage the way those positions are resourced.
For Administrators
Distinguishing the positions that are critical within the organization. Short Listing and identifying talents within the organization. Managing talents within the system.
For Talent Scouts
Nominate Employees as Talents.
What does it do?
● Distinguishes Critical Position.
● Proposes & shortlists Talents.
● Manages Talent.
● Identifies Career-Estimated Potential, competency, Training & Development Plans.

The IFST Forms module is a targeted online survey system, in which information is gathered from a specific individual employees. It provides a generic form facility for submission of all sorts of HR matters, e.g. employee of the month nomination or action requests.

For Administrators Automation of tedious administrative task of data collection. Flexible form setup that allows for form confirmation to suit organizational need. No loss in paper for form application. Consolidated feedback for the purpose of analysis.

For Employees
Our IFST Forms (self-service) helps employees to track the movement of forms which is made readily available and easier.

What does it do?

Setting up Flexible form.
Simple consolidation of forms.
Cater for 3 different routings.
● Nomination- helps in supporting role by supervisors/other employees.
● Survey- helps in providing assistance in consolidation of information.
● Application-helps in submitting forms for company event registration .you can include approval routing or else you can omit it.

Resource Booking
The IFST Resource Booking Module is a powerful, flexible, one-stop scheduling solution for all your office resources. Our solution helps to eliminate problems in resource scheduling, by enabling you to manage your organization’s resources and facilities more effectively. It increases your team's efficiency and save time.

IFST Resource Booking features and facilities, are:

Resource management tools – the system improves resource utilization in which it ensures that there is no duplicate resource bookings and easy cancellation or modification of bookings when required. If there is a clash in resource allocation, it sends the alert to user

Flexible resource management – it helps to create and maintain many distinct types of resources (Laptops, rooms, meeting venues) and other facilities.

Other features
● Users can easily view or edit their own bookings.
● Users can see which resources are available.
● Facility for both addition and deletion of details.
● Calendrical view which displays the resource’s availability.
● User can set constraints on resource booking (e.g. availability for certain departments, certain employees, etc.).
● Facility for both Approval and cancellation of the bookings made.

Organizational Chart
IFST HRMS OrgChart is an intelligent tool for creating professional organizational charts quickly and easily from HRMS data. Charts can be created automatically, directly from the IFST HRMS database or by importing organizational data from various file formats, including CSV, XLS and XML. It makes easy to understand even the most complex structure, by breaking down larger charts into easy-to-manage hyperlinked sub-charts .It uses unique chart tabs to present different views of the organization in a single file. IFST HRMS OrgChart also makes it extremely straightforward to edit, customize, update and share charts, either to keep staff up to date or for modelling “what-if” organizational scenarios as part of the planning for the future.

Our IFST HRMS OrgChart module has following features:
● Create, maintain and distribute Automatic charts.
● A flexible chart format with 36 pre-made templates and wide range of customization effects and layout options.
● Integrated data management for better version control and collaboration.
● Versatility in publishing and sharing options.
● Deliver fresh perspectives on human resources with the help of tools in dynamic scenario planning, reporting and analysis.
● Create, view, edit and usage OrgChart files within MS Office applications integrate with Microsoft Office.