Business Database Process Automation System

Key Highlights

  • Company /Corporate Management.
    Authorization & Sign Management.
  • Agreement and Contract Management.
    Secure and Centralized access to forms and contracts.
  • Comprehensive and instant overview in one central database.
    Automatic generation of forms.
  • Precise and consecutive up-to-date.
    Adaptable web architecture.
Module -Agreements & Contract
• Advanced Search function.
• Triggers alert for certain events (status, expiration date, etc.) through notification module.
• Ensures automated and fulfilled contract management life-cycle stages with the help of workflow engines.
• Facilitates assignment, facilitates notification and monitors contract-related tasks.
• Precise analysis of company’s overall contract scenario (critical, expiration date, revenue, risk, stakeholders, etc.) through reporting module.
Module -Authorization & Sign
• Manages delegation tree that adapts to each company’s structure and organization.
• Manages delegators, delegates and the entities they belong.
• Validates electronic form for delegation i.e. Email alerts and secure Electronic Signatures.
• Manages company’s preference system; physical and legal persons, banks agencies and bank accounts.
• Makes Delegations, Letters and authorizations through a document generator.
• Verification module with Integrated IBAN code.
• Manages document that are attached to delegations (signatures collection, etc.).
Module-Corporate Management
• Alert Management.
• Efficient monitoring.
• Company /Corporate Secretary Management.
• Secure Information Access Management.
• Centralized Framework.