Customer Relationship Management System

Nowadays the world has shifted from manufacturer centric business to customer centric business. Any organisation which doesn’t take customer into account for their business will become extinct in the current scenario focused on customers. In order to overcome this, each and every organization needs to collect, segregate and analyze huge chunks of customer data. But this process of data collection involves huge manpower and costs. Hence the arrival of customer relationship management software, which does the process with ease.

The complete customer data is stored in a centralized database from which the data can be accessed, analyzed and manipulated based on business decisions that obligate for its success. We can make use of this to organize, automate and synchronize activities in departments like sales, marketing, customer service and technical support and in addition, it helps to manage the employee details efficiently in a hierarchical way.

INFOSUNCRM is one of the leader of CRM Software in Singapore. We work along with your existing system with scalability, as business growth tends to give enduring values to it. We gather the information like the way the people want to work, to have the ability to make informed decisions and adapt to rapid change etc. We provide a complete CRM system solution with required integration with the legacy system and other applications. We tailor and customize the CRM applications for mid-size and enterprise companies. We offer the best-in-class CRM system with a choice of your technologies that suits the customer’s unique business requirements and strategies.

Key Highlights

  • Sales
    With the help of sales automation tools, sales performance can be improved which helps sales professionals to find and retrieve vital information quickly and easily. Infosun CRM provides a snapshot of sales cycle starting from its first contact to sales of the final product that allows sales team to analyze and manage sales pipeline within CRM software effectively.
  • Marketing
    With our Infosun CRM, you can manage and track every elements of your marketing campaign .You can view activities, objectives and leads generated & lead follow-up .You can drill down to specific activities within a campaign. Our CRM software is a user-friendly Customer Relationship Management system that gives you an in-depth view of your campaigns and eliminates the guesswork .It assists you to lay the company’s marketing resources at its best use.
  • Customer Care
    We resolve your customer issues efficiently with our user-friendly tools and customer service that helps in accessing relevant customer data including purchase, call and escalation history, interaction, documents ,and e-mail sent and received.
  • Mobile Solutions
    The real-time access to our Singapore CRM has numerous has a positive impact on your business performance and profits. You can get all customer information at the fingertips of mobile professionals that ensures they always have the most information up-to-date.
  • Application Integration
    The benefits of real-time entrée to our CRM solution are several and can have a positive force on your business performance and profits. The Placement of customer information at the mobile professionals’ fingertips ensures that they have the most up-to-date information constantly.
  • Productivity Tools
    In order to optimize, the functionality of rich sales, marketing and its service features, Infosun CRM has sophisticated pattern capabilities, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), automated process workflow, Web Self Service, and more.
  • Outlook Integration
    At Infosun CRM solution, the Microsoft Outlook runs within the framework of ours solution and it has accomplished, two-way synchronization with Outlook contacts, Calendar (used for appointments), and tasks, in addition to full-featured e-mail incorporation.
Financial Management
• Accounting & Account schedules.
• Fixed assets.
• Insurance and Maintenance.
• Consolidation.
• Cash flow Management.
• Bank Management.
• Bank reconciliations.
• Intercompany posting.

Sales and Marketing
• Marketing Campaigns.
• Opportunity, Order, Quotation, Contact and Tasks Management.
• Transaction History.
• Outlook Integration.

Project Management
• Project Budgeting and Estimation.
• Capacity and Resource Management.
• WIP Calculation and Recognition.
• Scheduling.
• Timesheet.
• Project P&L Analysis.
• Job Costing.
• CAD CAM Integration.

Service Management
• Resource Management.
• Assets Management.
• Rental Management.
• Maintenance Management.
• Service Item, Price, Order and, Contract Management.

Business Intelligence and Reporting
• In-built Graphical Analytics.
• Jet Report Express.
• Report Designer.