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INFOSUNSYSTEM is one of the foremost Information Technology (IT) Company in Singapore, which offers a full range of software solutions and support with special expertise. Due to globalization, the competition is intensified and it drives companies to focus on their core competencies and hence a need for a knowledgeable and capable IT partner. We design an industry-specific IT solutions for our clients that helps them to take advantage of the new opportunities and to adapt to the new challenges of the ever changing world. In our decade years of experience in the industry, we have partnership with several companies in delivering outstanding solutions that helped them in driving their success.

Among the other software companies in singapore, we have a rich collection of applications and software solutions covering all business areas like Telecom, Finance, Mobile Application, and construction etc. that can be integrated with your enterprise environment. We put across the technology related insight necessary for our clients to make right decisions. Through our research and executive programs, we work with our clients to do research, analysis and interpretation in the IT business. The company renders its service for all business needs of customers starting from CRM, to custom software development. Among other IT companies in Singapore, we deliver our solutions based on latest software technologies like Oracle, Dot net, and PHP, HTML etc. which makes our software reliable and user-friendly. Based on your needs, we afford Offshore and On-Site software development support at competitive rates with the best-in class software professionals.

Custom Software Development

Nowadays it has become more difficult to maintain competition than before. We have witnessed the drastic changes in the way the enterprise functions and manages their relationships. The emerging applications on the cloud, the revolution in mobile applications and the convergence of computing, telecommunications and broadcast caused you to remain on the cutting edge of complex application solutions and paved the way for customising the new technology in a way that let you “run and change“ your business. Customized software development helps to deliver the services to clients, whose business strategies and their requirements are not sufficiently handled by packaged software.

We are a custom software development company in Singapore, delivering a wide range of customized applications for different verticals and business domains. Whatever may be the client size, we happily assist them at every stage of the software development life cycle starting from the business conceptualization, analysis to the development and deployment of a complete solution. We work closely with our clients in better understanding of their business objectives, defining their software requirements, and writing specifications with the help of our business analysts. Thereafter, we design and develop the custom application and finally tests it by integrating with other multiple systems and platforms for verifying its seamless operation.
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